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Tree Felling Prices

Securing the best tree felling prices need not be a hassle! Let us help you find a local tree felling company in your area, ensuring competitive rates and exceptional service.

The average tree felling price across South Africa is around R1000.00

  • We strive to connect you with professionals offering even more affordable solutions without compromising on quality.

From tasks like pruning at an estimated cost of R150 to R250 per man hour, maintenance services or emergency removals, these tree experts can handle it all effectively and safely!

  • Additionally, they offer free quotations for their services – a testament to their transparent pricing policy.

For further ease and accessibility, many companies provide the option of connecting via WhatsApp so you won’t have any difficulty obtaining an estimate for your specific needs!

List the Average Price for Tree Services in South Africa [Price List 2023]

List the Average Price for Tree Services in South Africa

In South Africa, the average price for tree services can vary depending on the specific service needed.

Tree Felling Prices in South Africa [Tree felling cost for 2023]

Finding a reliable yet affordable tree felling service has never been easier!

  • The average cost of tree felling in South Africa is estimated to be between R1000 and R3000.

However, these prices can fluctuate based on several factors including tree size and location.

  • For larger trees in busy centres like Pretoria or Johannesburg, you could be looking at an expense of around R3500 to even R8500.

Remember that certain services might charge by the hour while others may offer a flat fee per tree.

To get precise costs tailored to your needs, consider using a handy tool such as a tree removal cost calculator.

Tree Removal Prices in South Africa [Tree Removal Cost]

In South Africa, the price for tree removal largely depends on various factors such as the size and location of the tree.

  • An average cost for this service ranges between R1000 to R3000, but it could dramatically increase based on its complexity.

For example, larger trees that are over 20m might require more resources and intense labour to remove costing around R5500 up to a staggering R8500 or even more.

There’s also an element of risk where a tree is located can play a vital role in determining pricing – if it’s near buildings or power lines, additional safety measures would be necessary inflating your costs.

Another aspect factored into tree removal prices is whether you want disposal of the debris included in the service package

  • Expect to pay approximately around R150 to R250 per man hour should you desire that option.

Always remember cheaper isn’t always better; seek out reputable companies offering competitive rates for their services without compromising quality workmanship or safety standards.

Tree Cutting Prices in South Africa [Price List]

In South Africa, tree cutting services make up a significant portion of the tree care industry. The pricing for these services can vary significantly, given the size and complexity of the task involved.

For minor tasks such as trimming small branches, you might expect to pay around R150 to R250 per hour.

  • However, more substantial work involving large trees or risky situations could increase costs dramatically.

The removal cost can range from R850 for smaller trees and escalate as high as R12000 for larger ones; thus, it is advised to get multiple quotations before deciding on a service provider.

  • Remember that investing in professional tree cutting not only ensures safety but also maintains the health and aesthetic value of your landscape.

Tree Trimming Prices in South Africa [Average costs]

Tree trimming is an essential part of tree maintenance, as it helps to keep trees healthy and looking their best.

  • When it comes to the average costs of tree trimming in South Africa, you can expect to pay between R150 and R250 per man hour for this service.

This cost includes the labor involved in trimming the branches, ensuring that they are properly shaped and balanced.

  • Additionally, if there is a need for debris removal after the trimming process, you can expect to pay around the same rate per man hour for this service as well.

So, whether you need a few branches trimmed or a more extensive trimming job done on your trees in South Africa, understanding the average costs will help you budget accordingly.

Tree Pruning Prices in South Africa [Price Range]

Tree pruning prices in South Africa can vary depending on several factors.

  • On average, the cost of tree pruning ranges from R800 to R3000.

However, the final price will depend on variables such as the size and height of the tree, its location, accessibility, and the extent of pruning required.

It’s important to note that larger trees or those with more complex branches may require additional time and resources for proper pruning.

  • By considering these factors and obtaining multiple quotes from trusted local tree felling companies, you can ensure that you get the best price for your tree pruning needs.

Stump Grinding & Removal Prices in South Africa [2023 Price Guide]

On average, the cost for stump grinding in 2023 is around R900 to R4500 per stump.

  • Professionals may charge around R26.60 per inch of diameter for this service.

It’s important to note that these costs are estimates and can be influenced by the size and location of the stump, as well as other specific requirements.

  • Additionally, tree debris removal typically costs about R150.

If you’re looking to remove stumps from your property, it’s recommended to contact local tree felling companies to get accurate quotes based on your unique needs.

Palm Tree & Hedge Cutting Prices in South Africa [Rates 2023]

Cutting palm trees and hedges in South Africa is a job best performed by professionals due to the high risks involved.

Let’s explore some average costs for these services in the region.

Service Average Cost
Palm Tree Cutting R1000 – R4500
Hedge Trimming R150 – R450

These prices can vary depending on the tree’s height, thickness and location.

The final cost might also depend on whether you require the removal of the tree debris afterwards, which is priced at around R150 to R250 per man hour.

  • For a more accurate estimate, do not hesitate to reach out to local tree services companies for quotations.

Understanding Tree Felling Prices in South Africa

Understanding Tree Felling Prices in South Africa

The cost of tree felling can vary depending on various factors, including the size and type of tree, as well as the complexity of the job.

  • On average, tree felling prices range from R850 to R8500, with the average cost per tree falling between R1000.00 and R3000.00.

It’s important to note that small trees will generally have a lower price range, starting at around R850 and going up to R4000.

  • Medium-sized trees may fall within a price range of R2500 to R6000.

Additional services such as pruning, reduction, and trimming can also impact the overall cost and are typically charged at an hourly rate ranging from about R150 to R250 per man hour.

When obtaining quotes or estimates for tree felling services, it’s crucial to consider all aspects of the job that need attention.

  • This includes any necessary debris removal which usually incurs an additional charge ranging from approximately R150 to R250 per man hour.

By understanding these pricing details and comparing quotes from different companies or professionals in your area, you can ensure that you receive fair and competitive pricing for your tree felling needs.

What Determines the Cost of Tree Felling?

What Determines the Cost of Tree Felling

  1. Tree Size: Larger trees generally require more time and effort to remove, which can increase the cost.
  2. Tree Type: Different types of trees may have different characteristics that affect the complexity of removal. For example, oak trees tend to be more expensive to remove compared to maples and pines.
  3. Accessibility: The accessibility of the tree can impact the cost. If the tree is located in a hard-to-reach area or requires special equipment for removal, it may increase the overall price.
  4. Location: The location of the tree can also influence the cost. Trees in urban areas or near structures may require additional precautions or permits, which can add to the expense.
  5. Tree Condition: The condition of the tree plays a role in determining the cost. If the tree is dead, diseased, or damaged, it may require extra care during removal, impacting the price.
  6. Additional Services: Additional services such as stump grinding or debris removal may be offered at an additional cost.

Tree Services Cost Breakdown: DIY vs Professional

Tree Services Cost Breakdown: DIY vs Professional

If you’re considering getting tree services done, one important factor to consider is whether to do it yourself or hire a professional.

  • While DIY may seem like a cost-saving option, it’s essential to understand the potential risks and expenses

Professional tree felling services may come with a higher price tag, but they offer expertise and equipment that can ensure the job is done safely and efficiently.

When opting for DIY tree services, there are several costs to consider.

  • Firstly, you’ll need to invest in tools and equipment such as chainsaws, safety gear, and ladders if you don’t already have them.
  • If something goes wrong during the process due to lack of experience or improper techniques, you could end up causing damage that will require further costly repairs.

Hiring professionals for your tree felling needs means paying for their knowledge and experience.

  • They have the necessary skills to assess the situation properly and determine the best course of action.
  • Professionals also come equipped with specialized tools and equipment required for different types of trees.

While it may be tempting to choose DIY as a more budget-friendly option initially, keep in mind that mistakes could end up costing you more in the long run.

  • By investing in professional tree felling services upfront, you can ensure that the work is done safely and effectively without any unexpected expenses down the line.

6 Tips to Minimize Tree Services Costs

6 Tips to Minimize Tree Services Costs

  1. Get multiple quotes from different tree felling companies to compare prices and services.
  2. Consider hiring a local tree felling company instead of a larger, national chain to save on transportation costs.
  3. Schedule tree services during the off – season when demand is lower, as some companies may offer discounts during this time.
  4. Opt for tree trimming or pruning instead of complete tree removal if possible, as it can be a more cost-effective option.
  5. Take care of smaller tree maintenance tasks, such as watering and fertilizing, regularly to prevent larger problems that may require professional intervention.
  6. Ask the tree felling company if they offer any payment plans or financing options to spread out the cost over time.

Conclusion: Contact us for multiple tree felling quotations and get the Best deal! [FREE Estimates]

Conclusion: Contact us for multiple tree felling quotations and get the Best deal

In need of tree felling services? Don’t settle for just one quote.

  • Contact us today to receive multiple quotations from local tree felling companies in your area and ensure you get the best deal

And the best part? Our estimates are absolutely free!


1. How much does tree felling typically cost?

The cost of tree felling can vary depending on factors such as the size and location of the tree, accessibility, any additional services required (such as stump removal), and local market rates. It is best to get a quote from a professional arborist for an accurate estimate.

2. Are there any potential additional costs associated with tree felling?

Additional costs may include stump grinding or removal, limb chipping or disposal, permits if required by local regulations, and debris cleanup.

  • These costs can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the job.

3. Can I save money by removing a tree myself?

Tree removal is often best left to professionals due to safety concerns and the specialized equipment needed for larger trees.

  • Attempting to remove a tree yourself can be dangerous and may result in property damage or personal injury.
  • It is recommended to hire an experienced arborist for safe and efficient tree felling.

4. Do all trees require a permit for felling?

Permit requirements may vary depending on local regulations and the species or location of the tree.

  • Some areas have restrictions on cutting down certain types of trees or those located in protected areas such as conservation zones or heritage sites.
  • It is important to check with your local authority before proceeding with any tree felling activities.